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Who are we?

Fly Monarch Virtual traces its origins all the way back to Monarch's heyday of the 1970s, when they started low cost charter flights amid the chaos in the airline industry of the time.

We aim to grow and offer the best possible experience we can. We know every VA says this. You may ask how we can differ from others? Simply, we have many features built in to enhance your virtual experience, we will continue to offer new features and enhance existing ones to keep you happy, this we vow.

Our Vision

Fly Monarch virtual was founded days after Its IRL (in real life) counterpart sadly folded. Since our conception we have been focused on keeping the name Monarch Airlines alive and seen!

We aim to provide a diverse experience, whether you wish to fly completely realistic or join our retro ranks or even want to dabble with our fictional fleet we have something for everyone. We dedicate ourselves to our community, we aim to be the best, we will not let you down! Our motto is our community comes first. If you think that fits you then look no further.